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by Mabelle Reynoso

December 2019 | Opening Night: December 13, 2019

Join us for TuYo's end of the year holiday show that will close our first season! 


Every year for nearly three decades, the Mercado Nochebuena has put on a traditional pastorela, complete with a script that was allegedly written over a hundred years ago by a groundskeeper from the Convent of San Agustín in Acolman, Mexico. Led by the grocery store's owner, Edgar Nochebuena and his daughter Alice, the Mercado Nochebuena community has faithfully executed the pastorela, making no changes to the script and continuing to use many of the same players that have participated in the show year after year. The show has become a symbol of hope for the community and a signature showpiece for the grocery store. But times are changing. The Mercado Nochebuena is struggling to keep tradition alive while competing with a brave new world where groceries are bought online and communities are forged through social media. The future is not looking good for the store. In what appears to be a Christmas miracle, for the first time ever, the Mercado Nochebuena Pastorela will be broadcast as a live musical event for a major network. This is initially seen as a blessing with all of the visibility and attention the store will get. But as reality sets in, compromises must be made, friendships will be tested, and all parties involved will be forced to question what they value and what they are willing to do to get what they want. Complete with an epic battle between Good and Evil and featuring a blend of musical numbers to include classic mariachi songs, traditional Christmas carols, and punk rock music, this is a modernized re-telling of the classic holiday pastorela.

Evening Show Dates, 7:30PM:

Friday, December 13  - Opening

Saturday, December 14

Friday, December 20 

Saturday, December 21 


Matinees, 2:00PM: 

Saturday, December 14

Sunday, December 15

Saturday, December 21CANCELLED

Sunday, December 22 - Closing

Tickets: $17

Purchase tickets at or click the links below 



San Diego State University,

Don Powell Theatre

5400 Campanile Mall, San Diego, CA 92182

For more information contact:

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