Maria Patrice Amon (she/her)


Maria Patrice Amon is a Producer in Residence at San Diego Repertory Theatre. She is the executive producer of Amigos del Rep... More

Peter Cirino


My greatest gift as an artist is my cross-cultural experience, both in my personal life and my professional one. More

Maria Patrice Amon

Daniel Jáquez


Daniel Jáquez has been a member of the Stage Directors and Choreographers Society since 2003. He is a Director, a Theater-Maker and Translator of plays. More

Bernardo Mazón Daher (he/him)


Bernardo Mazón Daher is a border-brat bred from Chula Vista, California. More

Mabelle Reynoso


Mabelle Reynoso is a Latinx playwright and filmmaker who has devoted her artistic career to building connections in communities through storytelling. More

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