Mabelle Reynoso is a Latinx playwright who has devoted her artistic career to building connections in communities through storytelling. Reynoso is a two-time winner of the California Young Playwrights contest (Santa Does a Mitzvah, 1995 and Dreaming Pancho Villa, 1997). Since 2004, Reynoso has been a teaching artist and commissioned playwright for the nonprofit arts education organization Playwrights Project. Reynoso champions the potential impact of theatre in non-traditional theatre spaces, including classrooms, community centers, and correctional facilities. She is passionate about encouraging people to tell their own stories and believes everyone has at least one play in them. Her own art is largely informed by her work with underserved and marginalized populations, including non-English speaking immigrants, expectant teens, foster youth, justice-involved youth, and incarcerated adults. Reynoso’s recent commissions include plays addressing the methamphetamine crisis in San Diego (Other People’s Kids), transgender women in a men’s prison (Gender Identity Play), and motherhood after incarceration (Coffee, Cake, and Second Chances). Reynoso recently contributed to the TuYo production “UN” with One, a 10-minute play that explores educational equity and language. Reynoso’s latest project – Pastorela 2.0 – examines the importance of traditions and community in a changing world with a modernized retelling of the traditional holiday play. Reynoso was proudly born in Tijuana, Mexico. She has a BFA from New York University and an MFA from the School of Visual Arts.