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Book and Lyrics by Mario Vega / Lyrics and Music by Eliza Vedar
Directed by Melanie Queponds

Aug. 11–13, 2022




August 11-13, 2022


City Heights Performance Annex
3795 Fairmount Ave
San Diego, CA 92105



Free (reservations required)

Primavera is a land of mystical mishaps and magical mayhem, where serenades are as strong as swords and dreams can break the very fabric of reality. 

“Noche”, awakened from her Multi-Millenium mimis, schemes to steal the Sun and stars from the sky. With an endless night looming over the horizon, Candelaria, a child terrified of shadows, must overcome the overwhelming to bring light back to a broken world. 

An adventure of sky-shattering proportions awaits in a New Fantasy Musical inspired by Latino Culture and Shonen Anime!


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