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"UN-":a documented Project 


We have every intention of protecting your identities and accounts.


Through this anonymous platform, you will be able to enter a response without having to register personal information. TuYo guarantees not to plagiarize your words or share any date we collect. Your participation is first and foremost to assist us in sharing your stories safely, beautifully, and righteously.


These are questions about your experience living in the United States of America and the life you’ve established. Some are about your immigration, and others are about your identity outside of your residency status. You are welcome to respond to however many and whichever are comfortable. There is no limit on word count; write as much as you need to tell your story. If you would like to share either audio or video materials instead of anonymous text, you are welcome to send them to


  1. What are your dreams?

  2. What do you believe in?

  3. What are you hopeful for?

  4. What makes you smile?

  5. What makes you angry?

  6. What makes you laugh?

  7. What are you afraid of?

  8. What do you love?

  9. When people ask, “How do you identify,” what do you say?

  10. What brought you to the U.S.? Where were you in your life?

  11. How was your journey when you moved to the U.S.?

  12. Where did you come from? If you remember, what was it like?

  13. What did you or your family leave behind?  

  14. When people ask, “Where is home for you,” what do you say?

  15. Where are you in the U.S.? What keeps you there?

  16. How did you adjust into living here?

  17. How is your immigration status right now?

  18. When people ask if or why you are American, what do you say?

  19. What’s your relationship like with the country where you were born? From what you can remember, what do you miss? What don’t you?

  20. What is your relationship to the Spanish language?

  21. How has your life changed since immigrating to the US?

  22. What are some of the challenges you face in this country concerning your identity?

  23. If you grew up here unaware of your legal status, when did you find out you were undocumented? What brought that to your attention? How was that for you? How did it affect your relationships, your goals, your daily life?

  24. If you’ve obtained one, how has your life changed since obtaining a visa or green card?

  25. If you’ve become a citizen, how has your life changed since then?

  26. What do you think the United States of America  will be like in 50 years?

  27. What do you have to say about political developments on immigration in the last five years?

  28. What would you do if you were forced to depart the U.S.?

  29. What else do you want to share?

  30. What does American mean to you?


If you or someone you know is interested in sharing your experience with us, please click on the link provided below to access our survey where you can answer these questions safely and anonymously.


Responses may be turned in until Thursday, November 22, 2018.


TuYo Theatre wants to share stories about Latinx immigrants who are or have been undocumented in the U.S. “UN”: a documented Project aspires to reclaim what it means to be American by giving voice to the undocumented, Dreamers, DACA recipients,  and all Latinxs who’ve been disenfranchised around citizenship. By collecting “mitos” (personal narratives), we hope to contribute to the national conversation around immigration by demystifying and illuminating the lives of our people.


This project is in an early phase of envisioning and planning. Our goal is to include anyone/everyone who is or has been an undocumented immigrant and wishes to respond by inviting them into the development process. Latinx writers from around the country will read your answers for inspiration and clarity as they create original pieces that honor your experience. TuYo Theatre is planning for a series of performances that stretch across two weekends in Spring 2019. These will take place in a public space for either free or low-cost admission. Any proceeds raised will go towards the organization’s future programming. This production will play between stage and screen across various forms of performance. All will be welcome to attend.

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