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To create and produce theatre in the San Diego area that tells stories 

from and by diverse Latinx perspectives.

TuYo is committed to professional artistic rigor, forging authentic connections, and furthering the discourses that affect our community.




  • A leadership core that is horizontal and democratic.

  • An inclusive and conscientious representation of all Latinx peoples.

  • Economic equity and fiscal soundness.

  • Professionalism based on artistic rigor and respect for the craft.

  • Theatre as a gathering place for community and other art-forms.

  • Engagement of local audiences, artists, collaborators and contributors.





  • An artist-driven organization representing our community and continuously evolving.

  • A place recognizable by name for its impact and rigor in the field -not only in San Diego but in the national landscape.

  • A home for professional and developing Latinx artists, a safe place and a brave space for adventurous creativity. 

  • A network connected to artists and organizers locally, regionally, and internationally. 

  • A source for creative and cultural consultation and bridge building between the Latinx community and wider population.    




The drive to start a company had long been brewing. 

Conversations about the lack of Latinx representation both on stage and in key artistic positions were taking place between several artists committed to making San Diego a vibrant professional hub for Latinx theatre.



In October, 2017 we held the first meeting of our Co-founders: 

Daniel Jáquez, Patrice Amon, Crystal Mercado, Bernardo Mazón, Peter Cirino, and Evelyn Diaz Cruz.





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